Leave Tree Trimming to the Professionals in Clark, Cranford & Colonia, NJ

We'll remove any heavy, dead or hazardous tree limbs

Trees provide great shade, but when the branches get too long, they can be hazardous. By letting your tree branches grow without being trimmed, they could fall on a power line or land on your car. Tree Wise Men Tree Service LLC offers tree trimming services to remove all heavy and hazardous branches from your trees. We'll make sure you can stay safe in your home.

You can also turn to us for tree pruning service, which allows trees to grow in a controlled and healthy manner. Call 908-925-6052 now to schedule a tree pruning appointment in Clark, Cranford or Colonia, NJ.

We do more than just trim tree branches

We do more than just trim tree branches

When you need tree trimming services, turn to us for comprehensive work. During every appointment, we will:


  • Remove any size branch or limb
  • Remove dangerous and hanging branches
  • Clean up the site after trimming
  • Haul away debris and clippings




We'll leave your yard looking clean and put together. You deserve a freshly trimmed lawn, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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